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A daily reminder to be kind to yourself today

Through the science of sound, thought, and breath, from the authentic practice of yoga, Savsani helps to relax your mind in minutes.


Transport with sound.

Noise pollution is distracting, you can close your eyes, but not your ears. We prescribe to the science of sound (Nāda Yoga: नादयोग) to positively affect mood and invoke calm.

Elevated inner-self.

We are born with proper breathing form, but as we bear emotional burdens our breathing changes for the worse. We utilize the science of breath (Prāṇāyāma: प्राणायाम) to learn how to breath again.

Timely daily rituals.

Lines between work and home are blurred in this new age of work. We follow the science of life (Āyurveda: आयुर्वेद) to create simple rituals to reset your body’s clock to feel more balance.

Simply You, is to connect with your inner-self.

Start today to breathe in relief, breathe out pain; breathe in focus, breath out distraction; breathe in kindness towards yourself, each and everyday.

While still in bed for brighter mornings.

During the day for a pick me up.

And at night for a deeper slumber.

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