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Simply You, Simply Whole

Simply You is to connect to your inner-self. When connected you do good, you feel good, you are Simply Whole.

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The ethos of our practice is rooted in self care. We believe the first and best thing you can do starts with yourself.

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Our products are made of earth positive materials and promote not only the earth’s health, but yours too.

Ancient Ayurveda

Our subscription puts you in sync with the Ayurvedic Clock.

Our products follow Ayurvastra, the art of healthy materials made with plants to be gentle for humans and the earth.


Kuza: The Original Fitness Mat is made from napier grass which is antimicrobial


Picu: The Original Yoga Mat is made from tulsi which is gentle for skin and waterways


Veda: The Original Meditation Mat is made from kusha grass which is aromatherapeutic

Conquer the mind and you've conquered the world.

Our founder’s guru and Savsani’s namesake

Ba passed on her traditions to Sheena in the guru shishya tradition that Savsani follows.

Savsani is a dedication to Baa’s wisdom
and is an attempt to keep her heritage
and lineage and alive for many more
years to come.

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